There are many different schools of thought about how to feed your friend with four legs.
Some recommend a nutrition based on fresh meet only, while others support dry food… In these years we have met owners of Akitas who use both methods with great results.
With respect to dry food, one can find all kinds of qualities.
As to sources of proteins, onecan feed dogs with a wide variety of meets, from the classical chicken to duck and lamb, depending on their availability and ease of digestion which each dog develops differently. This big choice on the market should not lead you to choose for the lowest price… while the highest price not always guarantees you the highest quality.
We suggest that in the beginning you give your new puppy the same brand of dry food used by the breeder where he was born, only to change it later on if appropriate/needed. With respect to sources of animal proteins (chicken, rabbit, turkey, duck, lamb) you should be aware that allergies may develop. Food based on lamb has often solved this problem. However, in case of food allergy you should better seek the advice of your veterinarian and/or of an expert breeder. Dry food can be given as is or with the addition of warm water. In the latter case, used by us, the food should be left for some minutes in the bowl before giving it to the dog.
If one prefers to feed dry food as is, it is highly recommended to make fresh water always available to the dog.
With respect to the frequency of meals, we suggest to divide the daily ratio into 2 or 3 meals, one in the morning and the other in the late afternoon. In any case the interval between the meals needs to be at least 8 hours.
Akitas too may develop a dilatation and torsion of the stomach (meaning an excess of gas and liquid in the stomach causing a severe expansion immediately followed by a torsion of the same organ). In order to avoid that problem it is recommended to let the dogs stay quite for one hour before and two hours after the meal, not making them run or having physical stress. If you have several dogs, we advise to separate them while eating as too fast eating due to competition for food can be a main reason for the dilatation of the stomach.