The Choice of a Puppy

scelta1In choosing your puppy you should be extremely careful in order to avoid mistakes… in fact your dog will very likely share your life for at least ten years!
Firstly, you must choose the sex: male or female? Given the peculiarities of this breed, we advise those of you who never had a dog before to prefer a female. In fact, her character is usually sweeter and easier to train.
However, having had a Labrador or a Pomeranian dog before doesnít guarantee you to be able to easily train a male Akita. When saying so we do not want to scare anybody! Also the toughest male Akitas can be unparalleled life companions… but you must be very firm with them while still giving them a lot of love in their first months of life, and be even firmer when your dogs will develop ìhead of the flockî traits typical of Akitas reaching adulthood.
If you already own a dog, we recommend that you choose a newcomer puppy of the opposite sex, in order to avoid jealousy and fights between dogs of the same sex.
Once you have chosen the sex of your future puppy, you will have to select the litter.
It is extremely important that you see many kennels and ideally meet in person both the breeder and the future parents of the potential litters. In doing so you will develop a good idea of the dog that you are looking for (every subject is unique in terms of character, morphology,
scelta2colour…) and address your choice in the best way.
Your preference may also be influenced by the colour of the coat. In fact, American Akitas may have a wide variety of colour shades, from all-white to tiger-striped, and with spots of red, grey, black). Our advice in choosing a puppy is to pay more attention to his character and personality than to his colour, but of course you should also like the way he looks!
Last but not least, you should know right from the beginning whether or not you will want to take your dog to dog shows. In fact, in every litter we usually can identify early on one or two ìhigh potentialsî that we would preferably offer to those owners who show interest and passion for dog exhibitions.