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Our Kennel, with regard to the choice of ours puppies news home, inspired by the American AKita Club Ethics code. For us, finding the best home for our puppies, it is an issue.
Our philosophy does not follow the path of "puppies factory", but rather to select individuals with excellent blood lines, balanced character, destined to become part of a family that you love them and that they can love themselves.
Thank you in advance for the time devote to filling out this form. There are few questions that are designed to help us to choose a loving family for puppies and will help you to ask yourself questions that seem minor, but they are very important for your right breed choice.

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Perchè Volete un Cane?
Why do you want a dog?

Perchè Avete Scelto un Akita Americano?
Why Have Chosen an American Akita?

In Passato Avete Avuto Altri Cani?
In Caso Affermativo Potete Indicarne la Razza?
What dogs have you previously owned and for how long?

Vivete in un Appartamento o una Casa?
Do you live in an apartment or in a house?

Avete dei Bambini?
Have you children? Age?

Vivete in Compagnia di altri Animali e/o Cani?
What other pets do you currently own?

Vi Siete Informati sul Carattere e le Qualità di Questa Razza?
Are you familiar with the characteristics and temperament of the American Akita?

Avete Scelto se prendere un Maschio o una Femmina?
Chosen if you get a Male or Female?

Nell'Arco della Giornata il, Cucciolo, Quanto Tempo Trascorrerà da Solo?
During the day the Puppy How Long will stand alone?

Dove Trascorrerà la Maggior Parte della Giornata?
Where will spend most of the day?

Dove Dormirà?
Where the puppy sleep?

Chi si Occuperà dell'educazione del Cane?
Who will make the dog training?

Quanto Tempo Potrete dedicare al Vostro Cane Durante la Settimana e nei Week-End?
How much time you can spend with your dog during the day and in the Weekend?

Come si Inserirà il Cane nel "Piano Vacanze"?
Who will take care of him during the holidays?

Ulteriori Comunicazioni
Other Communication

Acconsento al trattamento dei miei dati personali, dopo aver preso visione dell' Informativa (ex Art. 13 D.LGS. 196/2003)