LongCoat Akita

long1Long Coat… Akita’s Trudy Side
Even in the best genetic lines it may sometimes happen to find in a litter a long-haired puppy. These most beautiful hairy puppies when growing up become mighty dogs with a sweet heart and a thicker and longer coat than most Akitas. Genetic studies held in Japan show that this phenomenon is due to a recessive gene whose origins are to be found in the crossing between Akitas and Karafutu Inus.
As a result of the war between Japan and China (1930), some parts of the Island of Sakhalin/Karafutu (to be found in the Pacific Ocean, close to the Island of Sapporo-Hokkaido, in northern Japan) were annexed to Japan. Many inhabitants of the Japanese northern regions (Hokkaido) moved towards the new lands.
When returning to their original Japanese territories, some of them brought along their dogs thus creating a genetic line called Karafutu Inu. During the years of geophysical research in Antarctica, most dogs used for the expeditions were Karafutus; in fact, their thick fur and resistance to cold weather conditions made them fit for polar climate.
Even though these animals are not eligible for dog shows, they show unparalleled qualities as companion dogs. Their character is far less dominant than in most Akitas and they are very sweet with children. Because of their cheerful and playful personality they are ideal dogs for families.